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start a proposal & communication for stakeholders, and then take it to your manager



it is interesting to continue watching Dropbox and its financial statementsfor the past year and here is what I learned:

1/ revenue increasing 13.5%, cost around the same. revenue in 2021H1 is 135 million. (market cap is around 12 billion)
2/ The revenue growth can be decomposed into: paid user…



Argument: Time series can be very useful in Internet Industry?

As usual, we will list all the opposing arguments:

1/ Time series is a very narrow area(only for time series)

2/ Real time series forecast/detection problems, can only be solved based on a case-by-case manner

3/ Time series analysis was…






勤奋地工作能在其他条件相同的情况下,把工作做得更好,更容易获得更高的酬劳和更广泛的认可。(勤奋地工作)更容易让本人对工作认识得到提升,在相同时间内获得更深的认识,触发更深的思考。勤奋地工作能让人获得满足感,成 …