More About Apple

Jun Gao
1 min readJun 24, 2020

Recently I am fascinated by Apple, which seems to be a very good investment(with very high price tag for the moment). A complete and thorough research is necessary to opens a door to such a corporation(yes, this is only for opening the door, not to understand)

By my experience, if you want to understand anything, search it online and read all the articles that you can read. I am trying to understand Apple in this way.

Various viewpoints from different perspectives

1/ apple’s organization as a corporation:

Takeaway here is: apple does not have a product department, (not to say iPhone or iPad department). Apple has two categories of departments: 1/disruptive, for product development 2/sustaining, for keeping the corporation running. It is quite different from most big corporations.

2/why Apple has higher market value than Google, Microsoft and others?

note this article is in 2018.

Apple has great earning abilities. Uniqueness from its operating system and ecology. Strong R&D abilities. 30billion cash or equivalents while Apple is a light-asset company! Innovation and disruptive product abilities.