Thinking notes on renovating email

Jun Gao
1 min readOct 4, 2021 can help Index the contents better.

Google can be done in an email-way, (assume you have infinite information processing abilities)

You will see a list of websites, ranked by their updated time (which will be a huge list, and updating like crazy)

You can search some key words, and contents will be sorted based on chronological order

In this way, using Google will be least efficient. Because Google is not showing you the most relevant information.

121 emails,

In many companies, email is in the center of everything: major communication, main source of push notification, conversations, storage of docs/links/files, offerings/obligations.

Email is a mixture of many things.

What is email?

The most granular element is an email, which is part of a written long conversation.

What do we do with them?

1/ we read in some ( mostly chronological) order

2/ we respond to some of them quickly

3/ we monitor the inbox

4/ we search the contents

5/ we respond to some emails with intensive research (checking relevant emails, docs, data, graphs) makes us like the search engine of Google.